Have you ever wondered why you have less energy than your parents did at your age? OR why you are surrounded by people with allergies, mood disorders & digestive issues? The modern environment we live in no longer resembles the natural creation of its origin. It is now completely contaminated with chemicals, preservatives (digestion inhibitors), heavy metals & electromagnetic radiation. Not to mention antibiotics, vaccinations, genetic modification, chemtrails & hybridised crops.

Our native immune system has not been upgraded with software to process this new database of unnatural substances. To varying degrees, we are all exhibiting a confused immune response, attempting to preserve our living organism. Add to this the rising epidemic of chronic stress, which impedes both our immune & digestive function & we are left with a very slim margin to protect the body from infection, virus, disease, genetic mutation & cancer.

Cel-Intelligence is committed to bringing awareness to these topics & all issues impacting our wellbeing. Our mission is to provide you with an insightful & meaningful personalised process that cultivates your optimal pathway toward empowerment, through resolving your health condition, reclaiming your vitality & enriching your quality of life. A clientele members only portal is currently under construction that will feature the themes shown below. Stay tuned ...