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I have seen Kimballe a number of times & received a tangible benefit from my treatment each time. These benefits included helping me recover quickly from Candida & from a range of viruses & parasites while also healing from chronic insomnia. I really appreciate that Kimballe is not only so passionate about helping other people but also about health in general. So much so, that now I have taken my son to him, and referred my mother, my girlfriend and anyone who might be open to alternative therapy. I should mention as well, that I was particularly impressed by the bioresonance machine, one of the tools that Kimballe utilises. Thanks so much for all your help and support Kimballe!
Timothy Green

School Teacher , Gold Coast

For most of my life, I have suffered a debilitating disease known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS). CFS had my life at a full stand still and had changed my once, totally sport orientated lifestyle, to a life of not being able to even stay awake and in constant pain, let alone being able enjoy a sport! I am writing to HIGHLY RECOMMEND & thank Kimballe for his most thorough treatments. Kimballe has been treating my CFS, as well as hormonal imbalances and severe migraine outbreaks, with fabulous results! Kimballe has shown to be very understanding and in tune with so many aspects, as well as helping teach me to know my body better, to suggest the diet to help my system, and to allow me to get on the path to a much healthier, happier, and physical life once again! After having many years of ‘no satisfaction’ through present ‘western’ medicine & being lost in a system of Doctors trying many drugs and ‘not knowing’ what to do about my own personal health ailments. I have now been living a very close to normal lifestyle once again thanks to visiting Kimballe’s clinic & undertaking the path through natural therapy. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Kimballe Robyzen Naturopathy Clinic to any person who is in need of regaining their health back. Thank you Kimballe for the ‘new lease of life’ I have now. I am forever grateful & words cannot thank you enough.
Julie Higgins

Animal Trainer , Brisbane

Over a year ago I developed Complicated Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I found it extremely debilitating. Kimballe has been an incredible gift, facilitating me through it. With his bioresonance machine he has regularly brought me into balance both in person & by distance. Herbal blends & supplements have been doused to perfectly suit my body. I am so grateful to Kimballe for his consistent integrity, care & presence. I have recommended him to many friends & clients & I have always had great feedback.
Kassey Weaver

Medical Intuitive , Byron Bay Shire

I was diagnosed with a rare and chronic autoimmune disease called dermatomyositis in Dec 2013. I was tested for malignancy as this was associated with a strand of this disease. I couldn’t get myself off a chair, put my hands above my shoulders, choked on certain food and needed a stick to get around. Never mind the scorching feeling in my body, especially my face. I had the lovely butterfly rash that distinguishes this condition. I was very photosensitive. I did try and argue with the rheumatologist when he told me “that this is an aggressive disease that needs to be treated aggressively”. I was popping 27 pills (60mgs of prednisone, 25mg methotrexate) at one stage for other things such as DVT, PE and early stage breast cancer, which had to be treated with chemo and radiation. I am reluctantly grateful for the “slash, poison and burn” approach as it got me out of trouble at the time. Yet, I was sad that my poor old body had to endure this nightmare.

My sister-in-law, Julie put me in touch with Dr Price who in turn put me in the very kind and gentle hands of Kimballe. A year later I was looking forward to regularly going to see him. I got a new lease of life and everyone could see that I was starting to shine again. I was now able to confidently believe I could take control of my life and manage my health with the brand new me.

Three years later I am steroid free: that was my original goal and intention when I initially visited Kimballe. Naturopathy enabled me to fly the way the steroids did when I first took them except without the terrible side-effects. I am back to full-time teaching after five years break and back in the classroom full-time after fifteen years and have returned to study my Masters as well.

Who would’ve ever known that I would be “brain fog free” after all of that craziness that comes with an autoimmune and cancer diagnosis!

I am in remission and plan to stay that way for a long time to come! Whilst in the hands of Kimballe I am free from the shackles of annual oncology check ups and the anxiety induced condition associated with hormone treatment and medication. I am free to have a second go at living and that I am doing with joy!

Mary O’Neill

Teacher, Scarborough, QLD

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